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OB-GYN Referrals

Planned Parenthood of New York City

Planned Parenthood offers a wide range of services, including family planning, birth control, pregnancy testing, gynecological care, Pap tests, breast exams, emergency contraception, HIV testing and counseling, sexuality education, screening and treatment for STDs, infertility screening and counseling, reproductive exams for men, abortion services, prenatal care, and adoption referrals. It has locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Their website details the hours of each location. Planned Parenthood is very flexible in terms of payment, accepting most most insurances and Medicaid, and offers lower fees in cases of financial difficulty.

Contact Info

1-800-230-PLAN or
Phone lines are open M-F 8 AM - 6 PM

Manhattan Breast Health Partnership

The American Cancer Society offers free mammograms and Pap smears to uninsured and underinsured women with an income no higher than 2.5 times the current federal poverty line. Women 18 and over are eligible for a clinical breast exam and pelvic exam with Pap smear. One must be 40 or over or have a family history of breast cancer to receive a mammogram. Callers will be referred to one of the Society’s mobile units, regularly available in all the boroughs. Eligibility: Uninsured or underinsured women over 18 years old. Ages 18-39: will receive a CBE, a Pap, and pelvic exam. Women who are considered high risk (e.g., having a 1st degree or multiple 2nd degree family history of breast cancer) will also qualify for a mammogram. Women ages 40 and over will receive a mammogram, a CBE, and a Pap and Pelvic exam. Cancer services covered include an annual pap smear and pelvic exam, an annual mammogram, an annual breast exam, breast health education, diagnostic care (ultrasound, biopsy), cancer treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy), and case management support.

Contact Info

19 W. 56th Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10019
Eddy Manzo -€“ Manager: (212) 237-3910
Wing Li Leung -€“ Case Manager: (212) 237-3883
Patricia Bernard -€“ Case Manager: (212) 237-3901
Ana Maria Barreto -€“ Rescreening Coordinator: (212) 492-8416
Fax: (212) 237-3855

Columbia University Breast Cancer Screening Partnership

The Breast Cancer Screening Partnership (BCSP) at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center is funded by the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The BCSP offers breast and cervical cancer screening free of charge to uninsured women over the age of 40 and younger women at high risk for breast cancer. Enrolled women in need of follow-up and/or treatment receive services regardless of their ability to pay.

Contact Info

Avon Foundation Breast Imaging Center
1130 St. Nicholas Avenue (between 165th and 166th St)
For information or an appointment call (212) 851-4516

Breast Examination Center of Harlem

Both mammography and Pap smears are offered for free at this Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center outreach program, which was founded to improve the early detection of breast cancer in Harlem residents, offering them access to high-quality healthcare.

Contact Info

Harlem State Office Bldg.
163 W. 125th St., 4th Floor
New York, NY 10027
Diana Godfrey
Phone: (212) 531-8022, (212) 531-8000
Fax: (212) 749-1375

Weill Cornell Community Clinic 505 E. 70th St New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) WMC-WCCC (962-9222) Fax: (646) 962-0350