Board Member Spotlight

IMG_0223Our Board Member spotlight this month is Mariam Gadjiko, Gyn Referral Services.

“As the Women’s Health Referrals Coordinator, I am responsible for making sure that the patients we see in our Women’s Clinic are scheduled for any necessary imaging and procedures outside of our clinic as well as for any follow-up appointments with outside specialists. For many women in the New York City area, our clinic is the only way that they are able to gain access to valuable screening and early detection services, and it is so rewarding to know that I play a small part in providing our patients the well-woman care that they need and deserve. The gratification that many of our patients express when I interact with them always brightens up my day and reminds of the many reasons that I chose to go into the medical field! Getting a chance to work with patients in a clinical setting and seeing how medical care is provided to uninsured communities has been a perfect addition to my medical education.”

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