Director Spotlight: Amanda Ceravolo

ceravolo_amanda_h_0 - Amanda H Ceravolo

My name is Amanda Ceravolo and I am an MS3 here at Weill Cornell. I am originally from Syracuse, New York and went to school at Binghamton University where I studied Biochemistry and Neuroscience.

Position: Medicine Clinic Co-Director

What does your position do?

I, along with my Co-Director Brittany Abel are responsible for managing care of our 150+ patients at WCCC. We directly oversee weekly clinic operations, conduct weekly team sign outs and help coordinate and ensure appropriate follow up care for our patients. As directors, we work with many different groups including a wonderful group of first year general board members who each have an important role in making sure that the clinic is operational and a dedicated group of MS2 and MS3’s rotating with us for their primary care clerkship.


What motivated you to get involved with the clinic?

When I was a first year, I served as a Referrals Coordinator for the medicine clinic. I was drawn to the clinic’s mission of providing longitudinal high quality care to the underserved. I loved my time on the board as a first year and knew I wanted to have more responsibility in the clinic as a third year student.


What do you enjoy about your position?

I love interacting with patients and following their care. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you contributed to someone’s health and well-being. Additionally, I work with an excellent group of directors and general board members.


How would you like to move the clinic forward?

This year, I would love to continue to clinic’s mission of providing high quality longitudinal care by focusing on expanding our referrals network.

Weill Cornell Community Clinic 505 E. 70th St New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) WMC-WCCC (962-9222) Fax: (646) 962-0350