Junior Board Spotlight: Amber Simmons

head shot - amber simmons

My name is Amber Simmons and I am an MS1 at Weill Cornell. I’m originally from Delaware and previously attended Hampton University where I studied physics.

Position: Patient Education and Community Outreach Coordinator


What does your position do?

My position is responsible for cultivating the relationship between the NYC community that we serve and the students and faculty involved in WCCC. I do this by locating and participating in community health fairs with other students that are connected to the clinic. During these fairs we seek to both educate the public about various health-related facts through fun demonstrations and learn about what they would like to see implemented at our clinic.


What motivated you to get involved with the clinic?

I always knew that I wanted to be involved with the clinic because it’s truly student-run and I thought it would be a great opportunity to develop stronger leadership skills and learn more about the NYC community outside of our school.


What do you enjoy about your position?

This position is great because I get to meet all kinds of talented motivational individuals that want nothing more than a helping hand from people who care.


How would you like to move the clinic forward?

I would like to move the clinic forward by determining more ways to elicit feedback from our patients about their health concerns, fears, stressors, and whatever else affects their physical, mental, or emotional health and make that an integral part of WCCC’s services.



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